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Niche Website – Travel Industry – Adsense Account Case Study

When was the last time your Adsense application got rejected?

How many times have you been trying to get an account on Adsense and monetize your content?

An Adsense account is one of the best ways to monetize a website. Many startup media company initially use Adsense to fund their operation. From Mashable to even e-commerce websites, Adsense is a powerful go-to monetization strategy in any type of online business. You can earn from three-figure monthly payout to as big as seven-figure payout depending on the size and traffic of your website. This is why savvy online entrepreneurs invest first in setting up their Adsense account before they build several online assets.

The thing is, not everyone can set up an Adsense account with 100% approval rate. Most newbie online publishers get rejected from their Adsense application until they give up setting it up. Even seasoned online entrepreneurs give up on getting their Adsense account and just settle with other monetization methods.

This is where our team steps in.

We cannot promise a 100% Adsense account approval because no one can really do that but in our experience, we were able to set up our clients’ account without any first-time application rejection. We haven’t experienced getting rejected in an Adsense account application. We know what we do and how to get approved by Google by meeting their site requirements. We’ve already figured it out with more than a dozen of publishers we’ve helped in getting their websites approved.

Case Study: Awesome Places

The travel industry is a billion (even Trillion) dollar industry. One of the main advertising methods being used by multimillion dollar tourism companies is Google Adwords. As you may know it, Google Adwords is the platform being used by advertisers to use Google’s search engine and publisher’s network to show their advertisers ads.

The Goal: Adsense Account Setup and Approval

The client wants to set up their Adsense account early on so they can use it to monetize their online ventures.

Our Methodology:

The client gave us an absolute freedom on getting their Adsense account approved and that was one of the most important factors in achieving their goal in less than a month. We created a website which is Adsense compliant and also supplied contents which meet the requirement of the advertising network.

We also initially managed to generate initial traffic to the website which is an important factor in the approval process.


We were able to get an approved Adsense account in less than a month after we set up the client’s website. They can now use their account on other ventures as long they don’t violate any of the network’s policy. The potential is endless.

Ready to get your own Adsense account? Set up a FREE consultation session and we’ll orient you on how to achieve this goal.