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Getting .01 Cent per Link Click on Facebook Ads for a Health and Fitness Website

Facebook has two billion monthly active users now. Believe it or not, it’s most likely that your target customer or audience is on this platform. This is why Facebook Advertisement is one of the most important paid traffic sources for any savvy online marketer today. CEOs, fathers, farmers, teachers and almost everyone are on Facebook.
Aside from the wide audience spectrum that Facebook has to offer, the targeting capability of their advertising platform is continuously evolving for better ROI and user experience. However, targeting the two billion monthly users of Facebook is an insane way to lose money and get no ROI for your business. While Facebook ad levels the playing field for all business owners to reach their target market, it will take the right strategy to do better than your competitor and get the best bang for the buck.
Our Facebook Advertising strategy relies on the continuous optimization of each campaign to achieve better and cheaper result. We apply different tactics to improve our advertising campaigns. Our clients reach the “right” audience who are wallets out and ready to spend money. Here’s one of the successful campaigns we’ve run on Facebook.

The Client

The client owns a health and fitness website that offers different affiliate products to his audience.


The client has 0 audience on Facebook. They’ve literally just started their website and would like to speed up building their audience. They already started advertising on Facebook but their initial result was quite disappointing. When we took over, here are the specific goals that we wanted to achieve for the client:
  • Lower the ad expense
  • Generate traffic from Facebook to sell their affiliate products



The client produces high-quality long-form content. We capitalized on their content to reach their target market. For each content they produce, we analyze the content to understand its ideal audience. We created unique persona for each of their content. When writing a blog post or any content, writers maintain a particular person in mind as if they’re talking to that one person alone. This is why we analyzed each of their content and not only the entire site in general. We use this analysis to guide us in our ad targeting setting. We also based our ad creative on each persona we created for each of their content.
After building the initial audience and email list of the website, we used this initial audience to improve our targeting settings. We continuously improved and tweaked the ad creative of the campaigns. The result is astounding!

Result and Key Figures

 The ad expense of the client was exponentially lowered and we delivered at least 60,000 page views from Facebook to their website. We reached 1 cent per click from our last campaigns and have 11,500+ conversion for his website that only cost .04 cent per conversion. That’s quite low! See images below:

Problems Encountered and Lessons

Technical Access – The responsibility of a Facebook Advertising Specialist is not exclusive to running the campaigns on Facebook alone. It’s important that the person handling the campaign should check and assure that FB pixels are properly installed on key pages of the client. For this client, our technical access was limited to their Facebook Advertising Account.
Analytics Tools – Aside from access to key web pages of a Facebook campaign, it’s also important to have access to other analytics tools like Google Analytics, HotJar, and other on page analytics tool to make it sure that different aspects of conversion are properly examined.


Facebook Ads is a powerful marketing tool. The more data you feed it, the better it becomes. Almost everything relies on targeting strategy. The rest depends on how you carry the brand of your business. From creating the ad copy and creatives to the landing page, the business brand must communicate with their target customers.