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FAQ for a Gaming Wire Website

About the Project

The company produces HDMI cables. It’s a cable used in various electronics gadgets nowadays for superior multimedia performance. It speeds up everything, optimizes the visual displays of your gadgets, and makes the sound crisp and as real as possible. They launched in 2012. Mon was commissioned to write the Frequently Asked Questions for their website, product reviews, and press releases.


Building a FAQ page is a strategic web content writing. Aside from writing the initial FAQs, you should also set up a process on how to regularly update page. Frequent questions coming from the company support team should be readily collated and organized to be included in your FAQ page.

FAQ page also presents the opportunity to secure more transactions from an existing or prospect customers. By properly framing the questions, you can convince your reader to take another action and make another transaction with your business.


Since HDMI was in introductory phase for most of the average gamers, it was important for the company to write intelligible guides and articles for their target audience. The FAQ page is one of the most visited pages on 360HDMI website. FAQ pages is an integral part of any e-commerce website. It builds trust and confidence and aids prospect buyers in their buying journey.
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