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Hey, Mon here!

I’m the guy behind Adventures of a Freelance Yuppy . . . and I am “That One Online Guy” that will take your hustle to the next level.

As an entrepreneur myself, I understand the tendency to wear different hats to run a business while performing different roles in other aspects of our lives at the same time. At first, it may seem like you’re doing a good job and even feel a bit proud of yourself that you can juggle different things while working on your business.

Until you start noticing these things:
  • Your partner is a bit grumpy because you missed the anniversary date AGAIN. 🙁
  • You feel like a zombie and your brain’s foggier than the most air polluted city in the world. ?
  • You seldom see your kids for dinner because it’s either you come home LATE or you go straight to your bed once you see it. ?
  • You feel like there’s been no progress in your business. It’s vanilla! While your peers are doing really well, you’re STUCK with the same numbers. ?
  • You glance at the book you want to finish but you can’t just pick it up because you know, DEADLINES. ?
  • You suddenly feel so OVERWHELMED after doing the same things for several years and you feel so unbelievably stressed for the past few days! ?

You’ve been spreading yourself too thin and now these things are telltale signs that you are not working smart. Entrepreneurs are susceptible to stress and we’re probably the most stressed people on the planet. When stress starts to creep in, it will start destroying precious things that you’ve worked hard for without you knowing it.

I know because this had happened to me before and I’ve always heard the same stories from peers around the world. Before as a solo freelancer, I’ve seen how my income declined by doing all the things for my clients and how I unknowingly damaged some aspects of my life and realizing it a bit late. I hit the rock-bottom. The good news is, when you hit that part of your journey, epiphanies suddenly come easier. So I started doing things that helped me climbed back to sanity:

  • I started organizing and optimizing my processes. Hired and trained people I can trust and rely on.
  • Getting more exercise! (Which led me to accomplishing one of my childhood dreams and that is fighting in MMA match! I lost but finally, I’ve done it!)
  • Studied courses I bought long long time ago.

With these steps, I’ve accomplished long overdue goals that used to stress me every time I see it on my Trello board. Like:

These humble accomplishments are nothing fancy but they somehow brought clarity in my journey. All because I learned how to delegate things and optimize my processes. That’s what I want for you and this is where I and my team step in.

I Turn Your 4-Hour Work Week Dream into Reality. It's a Done-For-You System.


Set Your Goals

Guide me with a clear vision of what you want to achieve.

I Systematize Everything for You

I will create a roadmap that will lead to accomplishing your goals without stressing you.

No Need to Manage People

My team will take care of everything. I will manage them for you and rally towards your goals.

Regular Reporting and Transparency

So you don’t feel lost about your progress. See the movement even if you don’t make the move ;).

One Virtual Team To Make Things Happen

My team will do all the heavy lifting. We make it sure that there are several people who take care of the goals you want accomplished. You don’t have to rely on one person. My Team got your back.

Take the Stress Away From Building You’re A-team and Achieve Your Goals Faster

  • No Need to Sign Up to Dozens of Freelancing Service Platforms.

Don’t get charged by just vetting out professionals to work for you. No sign up fee to post your project on platforms. No membership fee to get access to a pool of talent. Pay only for the work you want done.

  • No Need To Hire People Yourself. No Need To Manage People.

By hiring our team, you skip all the process of hiring people for your business. No wasted time to interview applicants. More time for your project! You don’t need to manage our team. Let me do that for you! Just wait for the daily accomplishment report and sleep tight at night. You don’t have to send salaries to multiple accounts. I’ll take care of it!

  • Work With People Who Knows What They Do. No Need To Train People.

And even if you have to, your effort would be minimal! We only take people in our team who knows their own craft. All of our team members have an extensive background in real corporate arena in their respective industry.  Heck, some are even academic achievers and used to be the top performers in their previous corporate employment. Yep, 6-figure earners in their past careers!

  • Refined and Optimized Process. You Don’t have to Adapt to Any Work Rhythm

Before we onboard you as our client, you will receive a system and process audit where I will check and if needed improve your systems and processes. We will also complement processes that you want retained and are essential to your business. We only change the things that need improvement. When working with other people, you feel like you need to adapt to their rhythm. Working with us doesn’t feel that way. We run lean.  We’ve been doing these things together for years! Change is inconvenient but we make it as easy as changing gears to speed up everything in your business.

Focus on Your Entrepreneurial Journey

I’ve continuously refined my processes in these aspects of my business. Time for you to start leveraging the power of a remote team.


Need a mechanical task done by a human? We build and manage the VA team to get it done faster without the extra charge, We make your spreadsheet sing! No Payment Hassle. No Project Management Headache.


What if you hate technology and you just want to share your expertise? Do what you're good at. We'll build the platform for you. Just write and we'll do the rest.


What if you don't have to spend several thousands of hard-earned money to market your business online? We offer the most cost-effective way to keep leads and sales coming without breaking the bank.


From strategy to implementation, we make it happen for you. We also specialize in Social advertising and platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram


My team is composed of highly skilled content creators who can produce world-class articles, videos, audios, graphics, and other content formats.


Well-versed copywriter who can write product descriptions to VSL and other form of copies. Unlike other copywriters out there, we don't charge charge an arm and a limb but we can still beat your control.

Our Work Mantra


Underpromise, Overdeliver


Finished Not Perfect


Transparency Is Integrity


Communication Prevents Complication

Hustling is HARD. We make it EASY for you. 😉

8640 Billed Hours
25 Happy and Satisfied Clients Around the World
285814 Words Written

Words from Our Happy Clients

Imagine a Day Where . . .


You Get More Time!

Almost all of the items on your To-Do list are already DONE for you and you have more time to work on your passion project.

Hate Selling? No Problem!

You don’t have to stress about selling and promoting your products and services . . . where you don’t feel clueless if what you’re doing is working or not.

It Doesn't Have to Be Hard!

You don’t have to pull your hair out because something’s broken on your website or you need to edit a video for your products or Youtube Channel.

Just be the Expert that You Are

We do the writing. You don’t have to write anything because someone is doing that for you and it still sounds like you do all the writing!

Things Run Smoothly. ?

You don’t have to send “angry” emails to your contractors for updates. You just browse the report of your project manager and you call it a day.

Hiring Our Team is The Best Business Decision You’ll Ever Make

  • Our systems and work processes are continuously optimized and refined so we can do more awesome work with SHORTER PROJECT TURN AROUND. Less wasted time, money, and headaches.
  • We’ve worked together for years already. Our TEAMWORK IS A CLIENT’S ADVANTAGE. We’re like a machine churning out endless awesomeness.
  • You don’t pay high-ticket “EXPERTS” who outsource their work to sweat shops. You WORK DIRECTLY WITH PEOPLE WHO DO ALL THE NITTY-GRITTY that high-ticket “EXPERTS” claim they do. (Ooops that’s a secret! Sssshhh!)

Schedule A No-Commitment Consultation for FREE!

How about a no-commitment consultation where I will help you create a road map for your business growth? In this call you will learn the following:

Audit Your System and Business Process so We Can Find Out Where You Are Losing Money – Worth $350

Find Out How You Can Leverage Remote Workers So You Don’t Have to Hire Onsite People And Increase Your Overhead – Worth $250

Discover How You Can Promote Your Business Online By Just Simple Action Plans That Most Business People Don’t Do – $350

Learn How to Work With Remote Workers, Understand Their Work Ethics, Life Aspirations, and Work Environment So You Can Make them Loyal To You – $250

And Most Importantly Set Up a System That Will Make You Stick To Your Business Growth Goals – $350

$1,500 Worth of Professional Consultation for FREE!

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Ready and Assembled!

We Are Your Avengers! Your Justice League! Your Power Rangers!

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