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Yes! You Don't Have to Force Yourself to Work Anymore!

Just focus on the things you are good at. Focus on steering the ship of your business. You don’t have to drag yourself to do things which are keeping you from focusing on key aspects of your business. You don’t have to lose sleep over mundane/not-my-thing  tasks that don’t really make you productive.

Turn Your 4-Hour Work Week Dream into Reality. It's a Done-For-You System.


Set Your Goals

Guide me with a clear vision of what you want to achieve.

I Systematize Everything for You

I will create a roadmap that will lead to accomplishing your goals without stressing you.

No Need to Manage People

My team will take care of everything. I will manage them for you and rally towards your goals.

Regular Reporting and Transparency

So you don’t feel lost about your progress. See the movement even if you don’t make the move ;).

One Virtual Team To Make Things Happen

My team will do all the heavy lifting. We make it sure that there are several people who take care of the goals you want accomplished. You don’t have to rely on one person alone. A team got your back.

4-Hour Work, WHAT?

If you don’t know Tim Ferris, boy you’re in trouble.

This guy here, wrote a New York Times bestselling book called “The 4-Hour Workweek”.

If you want to escape the 9-5, travel the world, build a 6-7 figure income, and just work 4 hours a week, Tim Ferris has completely revealed to the world the blueprint to creating the New Rich Lifestyle in his book 4-Hour Work Week.

One of the most compelling parts of the book is where he outsourced almost his entire life to his virtual assistants living in the other part of the world so he can save money and leverage the time difference to his advantage. He did this by creating and optimizing systems and processes for his business and life so almost everything would be automated.

And do you know what’s his most important takeaway about offshore outsourcing?


In case that one contractor doesn’t show up, if you have a team and a project manager, someone will take the responsibility of that no-show contractor. Your business and systems shouldn’t be tied to one person. Hire a team and a project manager so you don’t end up in a dead end.

What We Offer: The Complete Embodiment of 4-Hour Work Week System


Ready-made and Optimized Systems

You don’t have to build your standard operating procedures from scratch.

Team to Work on Your Goals

Imagine a team who wants to help you reach your goals.

Why Hiring Inexperienced Individual Contractors is A Bad Idea

How Many Hours Do you Waste Finding “Someone” to Get Something Done?
  • You’ve signed up on MORE THAN A DOZEN freelance portals for the work you needed done. You’ve posted about your project and have started SORTING HUNDREDS OF APPLICANTS to find the perfect fit for your business. Even with the hundreds of applications you’ve received from your job posting, you are still NOT SURE if those people would make an impact you in your business. You’ve shortlisted and started interviewing people anyways and have hired one of them. Feeling relieved that you have a new hire to get your pending project moving, then truth hit you that it’s just the start of getting things done.


  • You’ve started orienting your new hire about your goals. Have taught them about the tools you use. Then after a few months of training and setting things up, you’ve STARTED HOPING for the best for your business and then . . .


  • You have spent thousands of hard earned money hiring this person but your business has not made any significant milestone. You’re still spending the same amount of hours on your business, you’re still stressed managing the new hire, and his not producing results you expected from him.  After one more month, you WANT TO FIRE HIM only to START HIRING NEW PEOPLE AGAIN.  .  .


[Sounds Familiar, Right? What If You Can Beat This Vicious Cycle?]

Isn’t It More Expensive to Hire A Team?


Western Countries

If you’re hiring someone in the US, Australia, Europe, and other Western Countries, you will be spending a minimum of $1,000-2,500+++/month for one person alone.

With Us

Minimum commitment to get our service is $1697/month with a 3-man team working on your project to get things done faster. See the difference?

How Is This Possible? This sounds like slavery!

Don’t be quick to judge. We’re not the cheapos that you have in mind. Since every project is distributed to three people and we have streamlined processes, we focus on delivering value instead of just billing time. Every project is distributed, streamlined, and delivered fast. This is why brands like eBay works with us. 

(We also welcome agency partnership from service providers who would like to subcontract their projects. Hit us up through the contact page.)

Delegate These Workloads and Focus on Your Entrepreneurial Journey


From strategy to implementation, we make it happen for you. We also specialize in Social advertising and platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and Instagram


My team is composed of highly skilled content creators who can produce world-class articles, videos, audios, graphics, and other content formats.


Well-versed copywriter who can write product descriptions to VSL and other form of copies. Unlike other copywriters out there, we don't charge charge an arm and a limb but we can still beat your control.


Need a mechanical task done by a human? We build and manage the VA team to get it done faster without the extra charge, We make your spreadsheet sing! No Payment Hassle. No Project Management Headache.


What if you hate technology and you just want to share your expertise? Do what you're good at. We'll build the platform for you. Just write and we'll do the rest.


What if you don't have to spend several thousands of hard-earned money to market your business online? We offer the most cost-effective way to keep leads and sales coming without breaking the bank.

Some of Our Awesome Work

These are some of our recent work. Projects with Non-Disclosure Agreement (which are often our best work) are not included in this collection. If your project/goal is something similar to our previous work, then we’re a perfect match.

Imagine a Day Where . . .


You Get More Time!

Almost all of the items on your To-Do list are already DONE for you and you have more time to work on your passion project.

Hate Selling? No Problem!

You don’t have to stress about selling and promoting your products and services . . .

Imagine a day where you don’t feel clueless if what you’re doing is working or not.


It Doesn't Have to Be Hard!

You don’t have to pull your hair out because something’s broken on your website or you need to edit a video for your products or Youtube Channel.

Just be the Expert that You Are

We do the writing. You don’t have to write anything because someone is doing that for you and it still sounds like you do all the writing!

Things Run Smoothly. ?

You don’t have to send “angry” emails to your contractors for updates. You just browse the report of your project manager and you call it a day.
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Learn How to Work With Remote Workers, Understand Their Work Ethics, Life Aspirations, and Work Environment So You Can Make them Loyal To You – $250

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